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Balloon Arches

Organic Arches, Packed Arches, Single or Pearl Arches, Mylar Arches, there are so many arches to choose from! 

We can recommend the right arch for your event!

Balloon Arches

A Balloon Arch is an excellent way to add drama, excitement and color to your event decor. If you are having a Valentines party, a wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, a birthday party, anniversary, Bat/Bat mitzvah, Quinceañera or a sweet sixteen party, consider a heart shaped arch. all other events will benefit from the pizzazz of a balloon arch that compliments the decorations of your indoor or outdoor space. An arch ushers your guests into the party in a very festive manner and accents special features of your decor. An entry arch, creates the ambiance for what is on the inside...

Balloon arches are used as decorations for all kinds of events and special occasions. The uses of a balloon arch are as varied as the colors and styles they come in. Balloon arches are used as decorations to enhance important areas of an event. They are placed over registration tables, head tables and food tables. We’ve designed balloon arches for stages, dance floors and outdoor events: picnics, festivals, or carnival entrances and much more!!!

Balloon arches are an effective and efficient way to create a colorful opening while setting the mood for any special occasion. There are various types of arches: cluster ball, packed spiral, string, sculpted, single, zigzag, letters and peacock. One of them is bound to be perfect for your application and will add festivity, drama and show the way.

Balloon Canopies are a great addition to large, indoor events such as weddings or proms, and can be used to draw attention to a designated area or to frame the dancefloor. Their design consists of a series of pearl (single strand) arches, connected to a 6 ft. column on 4 corners. These ornate structures can be constructed as either open or enclosed, and require at least an 8'x8' or 12'x12' space respectively. Balloon canopies come in various shapes and sizes:

  • Criss-cross canopy (two intersecting pearl arches connected to full columns at diagonal corners)

  • Mini criss-cross canopy (a criss-cross canopy made with ½ columns – to enhance a featured element such as a cake table or decorative seat of honor)

  • Perimeter canopy (four pearl arches connected to full columns, framing the outer dancefloor)

  • Full canopy (enclosed structure with a “roof” made from multiple pearl arches)

Ask our event professionals about a balloon canopy for your next event!

Balloons Over Atlanta has an extensive background and proven track record of working with events of all sizes and shapes, and will work with you, using your ideas or create a special design that will compliment your function, theme, or special event.

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