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Backdrops are an incredible way to create a photo booth area for your event. They are wonderful for guests to take photos in front of and help you created treasure memories long after the events it over. Balloons Over Atlanta offers several kinds of backdrops, including: Balloon Walls, Fabric Backdrops and Drapery, Grass Walls, Floral or Flower Walls, Organic Balloons Walls, Organic Garlands, and Custom Signs and Graphic Design 

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Balloon Backdrops

Full organic walls, half arches, organic garlands, garlands for your existing backdrops, balloon arches over a fabric backdrop, balloon columns, or custom photo frames.  There are so many fun, elegant, and fabulous balloon backdrop options for your event.

Fabric Backdrops

Some people need pipe and drape. Some need floor to ceiling drapery.  Some people need just a fabric backdrop for a photoshoot, for a prom, or for a bridal shower. Whatever your needs, we have great fabric backdrops. We can provide custom signs, designed by our team of graphic designers or hand cut by our professional decorators.

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Grass Walls

Grass walls and flower walls are amazing décor for any season! Rent a grass wall or floral wall from us and we can easily pair it with an organic balloon garland, balloon arch, balloons columns, or custom signs.

Graphic Design & Custom Prints

Did you know Balloons Over Atlanta as a graphic designers and does large format printing right in our production warehouse? Whether you need life-size print, custom designed cutouts, banners, or a custom designed or branded backdrop, Balloons Over Atlanta has you covered.


Custom Backdrops

Elevate your special occasion or event with a custom designed backdrop.

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